Who is Surebond?

10 Years Experience

Surebond has over 10 years’ experience the real estate industry and are a registered bond specialist.

Peace of Mind

Surebond are passionate about assisting you in getting a home loan with surety and peace of mind.


Surebond are consistently reliable in its endeavours to sourcing bonds for hundreds of thousands of buyers.


Surebond can prequalify you before you buy. This helps you know what you can afford.

Best Deal

Surebond work with all the leading banks to get you the best deal on your home loan at NO cost to you, the buyer.

Home Insurance

Surebond will guide you through a range of insurance products to protect your greatest asset, your home.

Why Surebond?

Home Loans

Surebond offer a home loan comparison service by obtaining quotes from all relevant banks and present you with the best offers.


Surebond will assist you in determining what you can offer within a realistic price range in your search for a new home.


Surebond will ensure that your home loan application is structured to meet the loan requirements of the different banks.


Surebond will prequalify you at no cost to you, prior to you looking for a home.


Surebond will check your credit score (it needs to be higher than 600 to qualify for a home loan).


Surebond will get you the best quote for your best home!